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Elegance HCG Oral30
€ 149,50 € 99,95
09/12/2018 - 15/12/2018

EcomMedics: food supplements of the highest quality!

Anti aging products

  • Anti aging
  • -30% Elegance PureLift

weight loss products

  • Weight loss

EcomMedics is part of EcomBizz BV: an international group that engages in the manufacturing, import and export of food supplements. The products of Ecommedics are all regular over the counter food supplements, that do not require prescriptions.

All our products are manufactured fully compliant with strict GMP and HACCP standards. It means that procedures are followed that guarantee quality, food safety and hygiene.

The EcomMedics products are monitored by the Dutch new Food Safety Authority (nVWA) and are registered in Brussels under their NUT-numbers.